Signs You Are an Introvert

People think about this topic all the time. They are so worried that they are abnormal. They see their friends going out and having fun. And they are not interested. Or they feel a lump in their throat the whole time. While these could be indicators of other problems, they might simply be signs you are an introvert.

Your Preference for Solitude


If you are an introvert, you will be convinced that the world will cave in if you go out one night voluntarily for a social event if you are simply not feeling up to it. It is difficult to comprehend that you are not a terrible person when you say no. You appreciate the invite, but your heart is not really there. It is probably due to the fact that you have been in many other draining social events like work. You cannot bother to do another out of your own volition this particular night. After all, you could be snug as a bug with a good book. You learn treating minor burns at home because you’d rather stay at home than be at the hospital or clinic. 


Constant Analysis


One task that introverts have time for is self-analysis. They are going back and forth with how awkward certain social encounters make them feel. They are probably beating themselves up for how they could have handled a situation better. When one is an introvert, then the person has plenty of time for these activities. While it might not be healthy, introverts usually make time for deep thoughts and long reflections. They are mastering of handling their psyche to be just a little better for their next dreaded encounter with humans.


The One Friend Policy


Most introverts have other friends who are introverts. However, some of them are in the closet introverts who probably do not make time to ever connect with them on a meaningful basis. They are too busy juggling the drains of life and have less time for friendship. But there is that one introvert friend who will really understand you. She/he will make the time to text you and give you the low down of the hardships of his/her day. These struggles usually have to do with living around nosy roommates or just finding that people expect too much from them. This is an out of the closet introvert. And when you and your friend are both self-aware, you can come to the realization that sometimes all you really need is one friend.


Awkward Holidays


Most holidays are the time for family obligations. This might be going into with the best of intentions, but if a person is not able to take breaks from people during these events, then the introvert will be stressed out. This may result in you breaking out in random tears or putting on a silly face. You’ll do whatever it takes though to keep your wacky alter ego who is truly disingenuous out of the spotlight. And your sobbing Sally side is not someone you want to showcase to the world either. So you take bathroom breaks and invent fake illnesses that keep you in bed for hours avoiding any social obligations.